Banstick II

We’ll since I laid out the juice for the banning, I suppose I should lay out the reconciliation.

After getting yet another wrist spanking from Coops, I’d had enough. So I sent the following PM to EVERY SINGLE MOD on CF:


If they were going to ban me…they were going to ban me. But they’d better have the balls to do it righteously.

Within a few hours, I received the following from ModLass:


Damn right sister.

It’s all good in CF ModLand…for now.

I’ve got my eye on your little band of fanners.

2 thoughts on “Banstick II”

  1. Given the mod team’s preference for keeping everything in private messages, I suspect they would feel embarrassed to have their words and actions made public. Your earlier post no doubt had that effect and, properly mollified, they have reinstated you.

    1. Yeah HDogs, I guess they did right in the end. I didn’t get perma-banned after all. And, though there have been a couple of similar hiccups here and there since, they generally continue to be pretty fair about things. So, my outlook toward CF has improved quite a bit. We’re up to maybe 3 stars now. All I ever ask is that things are fair and above-board on a forum.

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