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Well, I’ve been on SA now for 12 years. Remember, it’s the most “rough and tumble” sailing forum around…making forums like SN and CF look like knitting circles.

Its history is the typical “in-your-face, speak truth to power, call-out-the-BS, burn-down-the-hypocrisy, never-back-down, smacktalk-everyone” approach that sailors have long been known for. Its slogan is the seemingly anti-establishment “Where The Status Quo Blows”. On its surface, it appears to be the ultimate “Fight Club For Sailors”. So it fits my posting “personality” pretty well.

Now, the longtime face of this club has been one “Mr. Clean”, seen here at the entrance:


Personally, I’ve never had much respect for the dude – “hobbylistically” speaking that is. I obviously don’t know him personally (and don’t care to) – so can’t speak to that. He may be a great guy. But his work and approach on Sailing Anarchy was always excruciatingly crude, pedestrian, and needlessly loud. He single-handedly managed to lower the bar of even “Gonzo Journalism” itself. And that’s saying something,

But more to the point, he was rarely right in his analysis or predictions of what was going on in sailing. He therefore never really drew much of an audience. He was just kind of a hanger-on. (And BTW – I said this directly to him when he was trolling me in my SailGP thread.)

On the other hand…


SailGP Anarchy

Mercy me – I walked into yet another hornet’s nest in yet another sailing forum! And this one has been a doozy!

Last month, I stumbled across the inaugural season of SailGP, a brand-spanking-new and just stupidly exciting global grand prix sailing series. It’s an elite annual series, much like NFL or F1, that grew out of the brilliant ACWS from when BMW-Oracle (Larry Ellison and Russell Coutts) held the reigns during AC34-35 . Those guys clearly knew what they were doing – and saw the incredible value they’d created. So, they blew off the AC and built SailGP. And this thing is mind-blowing!

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The Banstick Coup de Grace!

Good gravy I’m glad that’s finally over! That was freakin’ excruciating!

Imagine being handcuffed in a small room full of old, bitter, incontinent, neutered dogs that are given free reign, then told to not blame the dogs for the bites and fluids all over you. After all, “you shouldn’t have gone into the room – that I let you into”.

That’s some fine “moderation” there, eh?

My crime? Here it is…

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