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So a couple of notes before we start the race. First, this is the first time that 3 boats will make the finals instead of the traditional 2-boat match race. What’s cool about this is that instead of it being the usual boring tack and cover – the 3rd boat adds pressure from behind. So it’s really a completely new dynamic. You’ll see some of that play out here.

Second, I’m adding some additional screens from the app showing how you can set it up to see more data (at the expense of a smaller video window). But because that data really helps understand why a boat is doing well – it’s a great thing to have…especially since you can move between boats and do comparisons when re-watching the races.

So, to the….


The last couple of races we’ve seen GBR either running a midline shift down to that low end pin – or bunching the low end pin every time. But we’ve also seen it pay dividends as the fleet hits that speed mark and GBR is in the zone first.

Similarly, we’ve seen both FRA and AUS favor that high end – likely hoping for better air. So it’s shaping up to be the same-old, same-old.

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