SmackTalk01 : Outrunning a Hurricane (The Sport of Idiots)

In this episode I present some invaluable analysis – and a fun game – illustrating the headshaking idiocy of thinking you can ride out or, worse, “outrun” a hurricane in a sailing vessel. There is A LOT of stupid crap out there on the forums and YouTube on this subject. Some of it can actually get you killed.

Well, that’s nothing a little SmackTalk can’t remedy!

Let me know how you fare in the game. And feel free to leave comments below. I’ll probably ignore them but it’s worth a shot.

Oh, and also let me know if you come across something out there in the sailing world that could use a good Smack.

NoobTube01 : Blue Water Boats

A look at what “Blue Water” boat really means – and what it doesn’t. Be careful about the ridiculous edge-case scenarios some people use on forums to try to prove their old, outdated boats as “blue water capable”. Listening to them can get you in a lot of trouble.

Comments welcome! As long as you’re not an idiot!