Usually I’m a pretty laid back “live and let live” kinda guy (when I’m not being an annoying goofball on sailing forums). And I am rabidly a-political. I really don’t care. Not at all.

But, as a sailor, I came across a video that I just cannot comprehend…

Several years ago I wrote an article for Cruising World Magazine on AMVER rescues at sea (it’s here on my blog too). For that story, I interviewed senior SAR folks in the United States Coast Guard – as well several Captains of commercial vessels that participate in the global AMVER program…and even a survivor who was rescued in this way.

The bottom line is this – you call, they’ll be there. Period. Full stop.

But then you have people like this guy:


Direct Link To Video Here

Now – I’ve followed Sailing Zatara on YT for years now. And, though I think the dude’s ideas are silly, I have no problem with him believing what he wants to believe.

But here’s his mantra in this video:

“If I choose to take the risk, it’s on me. And ‘the government’ should give me that freedom and let me do what I want.”

Okay. The old “Don’t Tread on Me” mindset.

On the one hand – this mantra is beyond silly within the context of that video. He’s going on about all this while quarantined in NZ due to COVID – like his complaints about “government” and “freedom” have any relevance in that country.

By the by, check NZ’s numbers on COVID versus that of the US (or even Texas). Freedom.

But MOST importantly – he, like many with this mindset, is an extreme hypocrite. Why?

Count how many EPIRBS this man has on his boat…from just a couple of videos…

(around 9:50 after he talks about throwing his children overboard)

And what about VHF/DSC/AIS?

When it comes to being out on the sea, his professed mindset is the ultimate in arrogance and hypocrisy. It just doesn’t get any worse than this.

I certainly don’t begrudge ANYONE rescue at any time they need it while at sea. I’ve sailed offshore with my children and very much appreciate knowing that – as this sorely misguided dude says in his video – “they’ll rescue you in like 48 hours”.

He’s right. I know for a fact that these CG SAR folks and Captains will put everything on the line to heed that call – ALWAYS. Because that’s the way it is at sea. Always has been.

But, if this dude REALLY believes and preaches that he “deserves” the “freedom to take the risk, because ‘it’s on me not you'” – then I assume he’s going to leave all that hardware unused as the risk starts flowing into his family’s boat while 1000 miles from shore. After all…it’s on him.


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