The Banstick Swings Again!


I came home from church yesterday to find this. And it’s permanent.

It was a good run over exactly 8 years and 16.2K posts. I learned a lot on Sailnet. More importantly, I made some great online friends, met some wonderful sailors from there in real life, and had a lot of fun…up to the last month or so anyway. I don’t know the exact reason it happened. I wasn’t told. But it doesn’t matter. I have a hunch…

As I had for 8 years and will always continue to do, in addition to raising interesting, provocative points about all things sailing, I also fervently stand up to and call out hypocrites and the self-important. Always. Now, I try to never be “mean” to these online characters – or anyone else. Instead, I always do what I do face-to-face (not behind the scenes) with stinging wit, sarcasm, logic, facts, and humor – which drives them even more crazy. Because of who they are, I like it when they get crazy. Others don’t. So it was, from day one, simply a matter of time before I got the stick. This is true on any forum that imposes uneven rules of conduct (which is most of them). It just can’t last. And I know that. So, the fact that it took 8 years on SN at least demonstrates that they tried to be evenhanded for a while. Good on them for that.

To be honest, it’s actually a relief. It was tiring always being the target of a growing posse of passive-aggressive chuckleheads taking potshots, knowing your own hands are tied. I weathered this same storm in 2009, thanks to the fairness of those then in charge who saw the above for what it was. I didn’t weather this one.

So, I’m kind of done with forums.

I will always be grateful to the sailors on SN who showed incredible support and compassion when we needed it most. I’ll never forget it. And I am gratified that, just as on other forums, I contributed some of the most compelling, discussed, and viewed content SN has ever had to offer. I’m obviously a needle-mover and culture-shaper in the wonderful world of sailing. And that’s always fun. That won’t stop.

I’ll leave you with this brilliant quote from colemj that gets to the heart of the matter:

Being a “professional” does not give a license to stay unchallenged or demand their word stand above others. Above all other professions, the marine industry is chocked full of dangerous idiots and should never be trusted without heavy research.

This couldn’t be more true. And you can substitute many words for “professional” as well with same outcome. This has always been my mantra on the forums: research and challenge. It should be yours too…despite the costs. It’s the best way to learn – and teach. Forums would be wise to allow more of this.

Now, enough of this silly forum stuff. On to more interesting things!

8 thoughts on “The Banstick Swings Again!”

  1. Gonna miss you on Sailnet Steve. I didn’t always agree with you or your methods, but dang, it was always interesting. So does this mean you now have time to be pen pals with Brent?

    Mike (mstern)

    1. Thanks Mike. That’s all I really cared about – talking about interesting stuff in interesting ways. The rest of it was always just noise. I’ve always enjoyed your posts as well. As for my next move, I’ve decided to become Brent Swain’s apprentice. I have so much to learn. I’m working now on becoming destitute and angry, the first step in the BS program. Heh-heh.

      PS – Those back-channel discussions that were purported to have happened previously with me directly – which did NOT happen – are happening now. I trust that things will be set straight soon.

  2. Steve,

    I’ve always enjoyed your musings, and will continue weather here, or SA. I’m going to take a deep breath, or I’ll say something unpleasant on sailnet, geez….

    1. Hey Bob – don’t worry about it. I know that there are a TON of people that don’t at all enjoy said musings on the forums. And I’m okay with that. Love/Hate is always better than Meh. And anyway, you’ll still be able to find them here. Where are you these days? Stay tuned as I’m currently editing the episodes from our recent trip to Florida. It was the most amazing things I’ve ever done and I think the boys will remember it forever. Thank YOU for all the advice and tips you’ve given me online and in-person!

  3. Steve… I’d assume they’d have it out for you… Agree seems many just had nothing better to do with themselves and the ‘technical’ experts they claim to be… Ha ha What a laugh….
    Anyway I’m done with the forum as well after being called a liar there too by some half *ss nitwit, won’t have none of that.
    Anyway just as I’m self banning myself from that particular forum, finding more time to actually do things around the home and boat. Take care and hope to see you out there someday. Nick (guitarguy).

    1. Hey Nick. Thanks for the note. There are absolutely members there that had it out for me. No doubt. That’s always been the case and I’ve never worried too much about it. But, like I said, for the most part the moderators have always been pretty fair, unlike CF. And, granted, I definitely made their job hard…especially if a posse of chuckleheads is reporting every post I make. I know that. Even so, Jeff, Andrew, Ron, Brian – all these guys have been awesome to me over the years. I just wish Donna would have been honest about things in her post. There’s no reason for that. Maybe she just didn’t understand. I don’t know. In any case, I’m with you. I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time on Sailnet and other forums creating and maintaining a lot of great content that many, many people have benefitted and continue to benefit from – including the forums themselves. So, I can now turn those energies to more important and enjoyable things. When we cross paths, the drinks are on me.

  4. Dang Steve! Sorry to see you banned from Sailnet. I can’t say I’m surprised. You do like to push buttons….heh-heh!

    Fair winds, brother

    1. Ah, no worries. I did just see Bob’s post and link to this. I also just saw Donna’s reply. And though it doesn’t really matter, please let her know that when one is banned, one can’t see PMs that might have been sent prior to that banning – because they can’t login…because they are banned! So her implication that I’m not being truthful here is a bit much. Furthermore, there were no “back channel” efforts. Period. I’ve not received a PM from any of the mods in I don’t know how long – certainly none within the past several weeks during our trip or since I returned from it – and not even during the time those guys were blowing all this up in the iPad thread. Honesty is always the best policy – and maybe that was the real problem. In any case, like I said, it’s a relief to move on to other things. It was time. There will be much more coming from the BFS world in the next few months. You know now to reach me.

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