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CE Category A Production Boats ARE Blue Water Boats

For some reason, the mods at Sailnet felt that my groundbreaking “Production Boats and the Limits” thread, which has almost 500K views, was getting a bit “unwieldy”. I have no idea what that means, and I think that it’s a very lame and CruisersForum-y thing to do. Hell, CF didn’t even close my “Production Boats Fit For Blue Water” thread – on CF! It too (as most of my forum threads tend to be) is easily one of the most viewed on CF. But whatever.

Knowing that most real sailors will be worried that they will never be able to get definitive advice on this subject now that my SN thread is closed, let me just put this final nail in the coffin of the Blue Water Chuckleheads Creed in so many threads on so many forums…

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NoobTube01 : Blue Water Boats

A look at what “Blue Water” boat really means – and what it doesn’t. Be careful about the ridiculous edge-case scenarios some people use on forums to try to prove their old, outdated boats as “blue water capable”. Listening to them can get you in a lot of trouble.

Comments welcome! As long as you’re not an idiot!