Carib Run: Leg 1 Episode 7

Check out the new episode for our Carib Run series! We finally get out of Texas! And for those who are interested in such things, I do a detailed GEEK ZONE* run-through of how to plan and manage your trips with Waterway Guide Explorer and iNavX – a killer combo.

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(*The GEEK ZONE segments in our videos will be where I cover technologies, techniques, methodologies, etc. that I think might be helpful for those who are getting into the sailing lifestyle. And I’ll probably hammer some chucklehead traditionalists while doing so – just for kicks. You’ll see the visual GEEK ZONE stinger that lets you know where it starts and stops. This episode’s segment starts at 3:00.)

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Waterway Guide Explorer


InavX with Waterway Guide POI Integration


2 thoughts on “Carib Run: Leg 1 Episode 7”

  1. Awesome , informative video about waterway guide and using the iPad for navigation ! As a passive user of sailnet I was beyond annoyed for you being sent to the electron version of Alcatraz. The Internet “experts” who no doubt have more experience than I (many of whom I have on my ignore list because of their holier than thou, and smarter too attitude ) . You showed clearly a viable option for using iPad for nav. I spent my first five years with just my iPhone with no problems , and now moving on to my newly acquired Catalina 320, it only had its original gps , and I contemplated using just one of my iPads in a case on a mount keeping my iPhone as backup . The thread on sailnet was good stuff until the “experts” came out… Your video and experiences helped make up my mind to go with the i-devises, that coupled with the fact that next winter I’m going to add furuno first watch radar sealed the deal . Keep up the great info , best wishes for a merry Christmas , and if you ever travel to Connecticut, I’ll have a couple of lobsters ready!

    1. Hey Scott – thanks for the kind words. I totally agree – Sailnet screwed the pooch. But I think it was because one of the mods is tight with several of the guys you mention – kind of the “Chessie Chaps” roaming the halls – and they just pressured her into it and she bit. So I didn’t stand a chance, they really seemed to be able to manipulate her pretty well. Hopefully the other mods will come around and do the right thing. They tend to be a bit more fair. At the same time, it would possibly “embarrass” her to have me back (even though she made a really bad call) – so who knows? We’ll see.

      In the mean time – plenty of other stuff to have fun with!

      As for the iPad, I honestly don’t think you can go wrong. And I’m glad you found the video useful. In fact, I cover the arguments those chuckleheads were making in our newest video. So check it out!

      Also, keep an eye out. Furuno has offered to let me test the First Watch. I’ll have a video of it in the next few months.

      Merry Christmas to you too! And I appreciate the lobster offer!

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