2 thoughts on “Carib Run – Leg 1 Episode 13”

  1. Was wondering what your draft is on your Hunter 40 and where you plan to sail on Carib #1. Thoroughly enjoyed reading your ‘why you picked a Hunter blog’. I’ve felt the same about them but second guessed myself as I’m new. Cheers

    1. Hey Tye – Our draft is 5′. Our first leg takes us Ft. Myers, FL. We leave the boat there for the hurricane season then will be hopefully heading down to the Exumas either this summer or just after the hurricane season since this one is supposed to be very active. If we have to wait, we’ll just sail the Keys for a few weeks so we’ll have plenty of place to hole up if there’s a problem. Glad to hear the story about our reasoning on the Hunter helps. I’ve got exactly ZERO regrets. She is absolutely a great boat and an incredible value.

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