Signal K = Indentured Cruising?

BFSGeekZone Episode 04

Do you want to wander off to the world’s most beautiful places in solitude and serenity? Or do you want to work for The Man with every mile you sail? (cue the whip)

You have some serious choices to make. Rest easy. I can help.


Because there are limitations in Youtube on how many Cards can be used in a single video and where we can link directly to from the video (not other websites), I’ve created this list of links from the video so you’ll have everything in one place. These links are also included in the description section of the video for your convenience. They are in order of appearance:

00:06:53 (iPads as Primary Chartplotters)


00:13:32 (GoFree Vessel Page)

GoFree Vessel

00:14:23 (Maretron N2KView Page)

00:18:48 (Mr. Sigel’s Raspberry Pi Post)

00:20:55 (IKommunicate Signal K Info)

00:25:22 (Mr. Sigel’s Podcast Quote)

Sail Loot Podcast 016: Active Captain Jeff Siegel, Part 1


00:31:26 (Signal K Overview Page)

And this link to NMEA’s recognition of Signal K – which is also a big step – but also lays out controls for the hardware which will be used to do the translation (like the Actisense and Raspberry Pi devices we discussed).

2 thoughts on “Signal K = Indentured Cruising?”

  1. The page for the “…NMEA recognition of Signal K” is “403 – Forbidden: Access is denied.
    You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied”

    Any ideas about how to access?


    1. Hey David, sorry but I don’t know what’s up on their end regarding that link. But you can do a quick Google search and find the same info.

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