Why do chuckleheads insist on remaining chucklEheads?

An old friend pointed me to yet another thread on SN regarding the age-old “dedicated chart plotter” vs i-device debate. And though I no longer pay attention to SN, I had to take a look. And, as always, I’ll speak up where I see stupidity.

And boy is there stupidity…


It really, truly does amaze me that after AMPLE evidence COMPLETELY disproving virtually EVERYTHING these very same chuckleheads are saying i-devices simply can’t do – they STILL hold on to their same old, disproven maxims. Worse, they push it out as advice to newer sailors.

The most ironic part of it is that I was always called a “troll” for being willing and patient enough to provide actual evidence to these same chuckleheads, every single time they said (and obviously are still saying) ridiculous things like:

“Love my navionics on our iPads but all to often in the rain or after a day of taking spray the touch pad just doesn’t work. Have eye glass cleaner in a spray bottle. That and a very soft microfiber makes it work for awhile then need to do it again. “

“I have 2 iPads including the most recent pro…..none diplay my radar over my charts…”

“AFAIK, it’s app will not superimpose it’s radar returns over a chart, or integrate into another nav app.”

“I tend to use split screen (radar/AIS on one side and chart on the other) or overlay radar at ~60% on the chart. This works great on a 10” or 12” screen. Doesn’t work on a phone or even a pad.”

“I know how to google search too. It does not lay the radar over the chart like an DEDICATED chart plotter does”

(see video link below for the facts)

I see that the very patient colemj is trying to do the same and correct all the truly bad advice coming from these same guys. But I can attest that it’s virtually impossible. They bask in their lack of knowledge and limited experience. That seems to be the badge of honor on SN. It’s weird.

But there is something more insidious has been going on with SN for a long time…and that is this kind of ignorance is actively protected for the “sake of the community”. In other words, “no arguing” is better than accuracy. That’s why that forum is dying – but it’s also something that is just plain dangerous for new sailors.

There’s a truly sad and intolerable irony in this following statement, aimed at colemj. It’s coming from one of those protected Posse members who makes many of the ridiculous claims above:

“Is this a good behavior to display to other sailors? Do you think your overly sarcastic approach to me encouraged others or new posters on SN to ask questions , or will feel they get vomited on by you if they ask questions that you don’t like or disagree with you. Your behavior is antisocial and unbecoming. ?”

What’s crazy is that this ridiculous Posse member will be protected on SN, and someone with FAR more experience, knowledge, reason, and communication skills – colemj – one that new sailors can actually learn from will be turned into the “troll”. You can already see it happening.

So, as a PSA to all newer sailors out there – stay the hell away from SailNet. There remain three or four sailors there that know a thing or two like colemj. But for the most part, it’s simply turned into a small group of Chessie-based posters and moderators that hold their Posse above everything and everyone else. It’s a detriment to sailing – and a damn shame.

Although I’m not a fan of it either, Cruisers Forum is a far better option if you insist on an outmoded forum experience. Sure it’s a clownshow in terms of moderation – but at last there are knowledgeable sailors there.

That said, I’ve found FB to be far better than any forum I’ve ever been on. So that’s your best bet – along with YouTube. Skip the forums altogether.

For those of you more seasoned sailors who know a thing or two, if you care about new sailors getting accurate information, I would ask that somebody that’s still a member on SN get over and help colemj out. These idiots he’s still fighting with just seem to need to be reminded over and over and over how ever wrong they are.

Here’s the actual proof…

Cheap Bluewater Boats!!!


I’m copying this post I put up on my BFSails Facebook page because I’m hoping that the next batch of sailboat-buying newbies will find this via Google and avoid getting suckered into 40-year-old “bluewater boats” that will cost you WAY MORE than you think and provide you WAY LESS than you need for long-term cruising….

Continue reading Cheap Bluewater Boats!!!

Pining Chuckleheads?

I hear that the Chucklehead Posse over on SN is speculating that I’m “trolling” them over there via sock-puppet, with something about a Bene and Cape Horn? Nope. Sorry fellas.

You “keyboard salts” actually think you’re worth my valuable time? Look, I tried. But I can only help ignorant blowhards so much before I just have to move on. And I’ve definitely moved on. Heh.

Now – back to sailing FIASCO!