3 thoughts on “Hide the women and children!”

  1. wait, what?!?!? Does this mean….? What did you have to promise, hmmm?

    Well, I guess if I have to tolerate Trump as president, why shouldn’t SVAuspicious have to deal with Smacky on Sailnet? After all, I don’t have the option to “ignore” Trump.

    To quote John Sebastian: Welcome back.

    1. Heh-heh. Thanks for the welcome John. It will be nice to hang with everyone again. Sailnet was always my first love. As for the conditions of my return, let’s just say that I respect my friend Jeff_H tremendously as a person and respect his vision for what he wants SN to be. So I’ll abide by his wishes. Though there’s no question he did the right thing in this particular situation, he certainly didn’t have to. He went out on a limb for me. That said, I definitely won’t be posting as much as I used to there, and that posting will be pretty tame, more informational than discussion. I’ve got far too many other outlets these days that don’t tie my hands. But, it was very important to right a very clear wrong. That’s enough for me.

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