If you’ve not signed up for and watched the “Winning Calls” webcast series from SailGP – you’re an idiot.

These sessions are providing some of the best, most educational inside info you can possibly get from those at the pinnacle of the sport racing the fastest boats on the planet.

The point of the series is to highlight how the groundbreaking open-source data model combines with the sailing talent across all the teams to drastically accelerate the evolution of top-tier sailing.

So this round had Olivier Ligné talking with Billy Besson and David Rey – focusing on the insane Cowes race in Season 1, where the boys found their first podium.

And since it was in French (which eludes me somewhat) – and since we were fortunate enough to have subs for the most juicy bits – I’ll just lay out a graphical storybook for you. Some GREAT information on things like datapoints they are watching, how they use that data with time on the simulator, and what Billy thinks about SailGP’s open-data model…

The Race

“Do you communicate the data to Billy during the race?”

From the data, Billy knew…

How did the crazy conditions in Cowes affect everything?

Was Billy pleased with the results?

The Simulator

The Value of Open-Data

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