Pining Chuckleheads?

I hear that the Chucklehead Posse over on SN is speculating that I’m “trolling” them over there via sock-puppet, with something about a Bene and Cape Horn? Nope. Sorry fellas.

You “keyboard salts” actually think you’re worth my valuable time? Look, I tried. But I can only help ignorant blowhards so much before I just have to move on. And I’ve definitely moved on. Heh.

Now – back to sailing FIASCO!

2 thoughts on “Pining Chuckleheads?”

  1. Gotta say, you nailed it when you said awhile ago that sailnet was dead, I’m not a expert but every time I check new posts there’s practically nothing , time was you could check in three times a day and have two pages to sort through . I’ve been spending time on anarchy and their volume is definitely growing , I’d say they manage more new posts than sailnet many days , I kinda like the Wild West attitude there , chef and his posse wouldn’t last long there , can’t hide behind the mods there !
    I’m installing the first watch system this winter , I’ll let you know all the dirty details when it’s up and running , (should be easy install , fellow Catalina 320 owner posted his pole mount setup , right down to his parts list on c320 owners site so a few twists and turns aside …)

    1. Hey Scott! Good to see you! And you’re right, Chef wouldn’t last 5 minutes. With the only remaining SN mods also being part of the Chesapeake Posse – there was just no hope. It’s sad that they killed the place. But it was just a matter of time.

      Anyway, SA is a great resource for learning. It really is. Those guys are the most experienced and informed sailors on the planet. You just have to get past the skankiness of the place. I don’t like having it up with my kids around, but I still really appreciate the level of knowledge…and it’s fun like you say!

      But FB is also a great resource. Look around to some of the sailing groups. Very knowledgeable people there too.

      I’m really glad you’re doing the First Watch. I look forward to your feedback. I was seriously bummed I never got the testing of that thing done.

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