BFSGeekZone 07 : iPads as Primary Chartplotters II

A sweeping, smack-happy follow-up to our previous video on the subject. Join our new game of “Smack/NoSmack” where you get to judge the tinfoil-hatted forum Chuckleheads for yourself – based on the in-depth facts and evidence I provide. If they are completely-yet-confidently wrong – as they usually are – smack ’em…rhetorically, of course.

Leave your Smack/NoSmack votes and comments below (either here or in on Youtube) for each item! And let me know if you have any comments or suggestions for other great tech for sailors.


WARNING: Chucklehead feelings were definitely harmed in the making of this video. Viewer discretion advised.

The Banstick Coup de Grace!

Good gravy I’m glad that’s finally over! That was freakin’ excruciating!

Imagine being handcuffed in a small room full of old, bitter, incontinent, neutered dogs that are given free reign, then told to not blame the dogs for the bites and fluids all over you. After all, “you shouldn’t have gone into the room – that I let you into”.

That’s some fine “moderation” there, eh?

My crime? Here it is…

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BFSShop Goes Full-Patreon!

As you can see in the photos above, BFSGear is now world-wide, sported by some of the very best sailors and celebrities out there. And we want to continue supplying that crazy, high-end demand. However…

…since my main focus now is doing our ground-breaking GeekZone, SmackTalk, and NoobTube videos, I’ve decided to reserve this wildly popular BFSGear exclusively for our Patreons instead of selling it via a sleazy, low-brow e-store.

That’s right – you can no longer simply BUY coveted BFSGear like any old schlub. It’s RESERVED ONLY for the true BFSers (and others who impress us with their Big Freakin’ Sails).

Here are the sponsor bundles…

Come and get it!

-Smack and the Team