Please…some new “advice”.

Okay…so the whole “sailing advice” in the majority of sailing forums seems to be skewed toward lonely, bitter, old dudes who think they know everything. There are certain things that this sorrowful demographic just won’t (can’t possibly) know. Period.
Like, “What’s the best HD camera for sailors?”
So, when it comes to sailing in cool new ways, there is a great body of knowledge in the punks of CG2.

What is your question of CG2?

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Water Tank Repair (And More!)

In July of last year, we had some friends aboard Dawn Treader for the weekend. In preparation, I filled the water tank for the first time since I’d bought the boat. Soon after, the bilge pump began cycling on and off. Something was obviously leaking. I went to the forward cabin where the water tank was stored and pulled up the inspection port in the floorboards. This revealed the expected drain valve and in-line filter, both of which were fine. But, beneath those, it also revealed a steady stream of water flowing from somewhere under the tank. Crap. Continue reading