One thought on “SmackTalk : Series Intro”

  1. Over the course of the last few months, I have read and participated in discussions about the subjective and hard-wired axioms about the canonized “bluewater-capable” brands, builders and rigs. Most arguments are so concretely one-sided that children everywhere need to modify their watercolor doodlings to include a full keel. Then, I read the apocryphal writings of the man known as “Smack.” Axioms exercised (you know – like demons)

    Now that I am free from being sucked into the mindset of the cult that I just described, another cult seems to emerge – the salty discussion of just how much salt one needs to be salty and the hopelessly superior suggestion that there is no way I could ever be so salty as to question their salt. Funny thing is that I put lots of salt on everything but I digress.

    I am certain that your newly-launched series is so comprehensive and so thoroughly inclusive that I may be verging on beating an already dead horse but I would really love to see an episode or episodes devoted to the forum discussions or common thoughts about experience. From the assertations of the Yodi (is that the proper plural use for Yoda?), one would need to have sailed no fewer that half of the hundreds of thousands of nautical miles that these Jedi Chuckleheads have sailed before even considering putting the bowsprit over the Gulf Stream or even, heaven forbid, sailing in the rain or darkness. Apparently these liquid and nocturnal forces can cripple a mere mortal.

    Can you lay the crooked road straight about these types of discussions and, possibly, consider an installment in the Noob Tube videos that encourage fellows like me that don’t have 200,000 nm under our yet-to-be-attained, sodium chloride crusted belts? My thoughts are that these suggested notions of thousands of hours and thousands of nautical miles, not to mention years and thousands and thousands of dollars, might be a good bit exaggerated to inflate the perceived saltiness factor for the aforementioned seadogs..

    In the meantime, I will be consuming as many salty foods and drink, with the hopes that I, too, may be worthy of the salty descriptor one day. (Yes, there is rice in my shaker)

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