About The Smackboys

On March 10, 2013, our family was in a head-on auto accident on a rural Texas highway. We lost Alicia, my beautiful wife of 20 years and the boys’ wonderful mother.

The boys were in the back seat and miraculously escaped with very minor injuries. Thank you God. I was in the passenger seat and had some serious damage to my left arm which has now mostly healed, leaving me with about 90% use. We’re doing pretty well.

Our hearts, however, are irrevocably broken. She was absolutely the light of our lives. She was gorgeous, tough and talented. She loved us. She loved to sail. We’d dreamed of one day sailing off to adventure together as a family.

So, that’s exactly what we’re going to do. This is the story of Steve, Quinn, and Jesse (The Smackboys) and the S/V Dawn Treader (Their Yacht).

I and my boys will sail Dawn Treader to all kinds of adventures together. We know Alicia’s watching us. Urging us on. Smiling…as she always did.

To you Alicia. We love you. Someday, we’ll find you out there.

Steve and The Boys